“Spirit of the People”: St. Helena

The human spirit can truly shine in times of adversity. In the quiet area of St. Helena, the usual grey-black asphalt roads were now watery streams of brown. I looked on as that brown spread and widened, making its way to touch the walls and fences and then creeping its way into the yards and then into homes.

Residents had been facing so many hardships already; lost jobs, closed businesses, some trying to survive while seeing their lives fall apart due to the pandemic. And yet, despite this sense of despair, I saw acts of selflessness flowing throughout the flooded space. Inundated yards and feet covered in water while inside some homes were not barriers to helping their neighbours.

It was a simple act, yet a profound one; the spirit of helping each other to endure a little bit longer.

It was not fair that residents had to experience disasters like this and sometimes more than once. But it was heartening to know that everyone was their brothers’ and sisters’ keeper until some form of relief would arrive. My colleague MP Seecharan and I looked on with sadness as we saw the damages the flooding had caused, but at the same time, a sense of pride washed over us as we saw the strength and spirit of the people of St. Helena. We provided whatever relief we were able to give. It wasn’t enough. I wished that there was more that I could offer, but I couldn’t. Resources were scarce due to the pandemic. The spirit of the people of St. Helena however, was overflowing.

Vol. 1, Issue 1