#FactCheck: Economy “reversing back” at Full Speed under Keith Rowley

Keith Rowley must be insane to think he can paint the Prime Ministership of the Hon. Kamla Persad-Bissessar in a bad light. Especially in terms of the economy!

The truth is that we have been “reversing back” under Keith Rowley at full speed. We have lost over a decade of economic capacity building.

In 2015, our real GDP was $170 billion per year. 

In 2020 our real GDP was $142 billion per year. 

In other words, Trinidad and Tobago lost fully 16 percent in economic production.  

This has surely contracted much more sharply in 2021 with job losses, business closures, and the PNM’s shutting down of the economy without any plan. Under the PNM, the country is consistently producing much less than we were producing under the UNC-led government. This is now widely acknowledged and accepted as a fact. 

Even Standard and Poors has reported that Trinidad and Tobago is 19% poorer, on a per person basis, than it was 10 years ago. However, Rowley continues to gaslight the population with a fake PNM version of alternative reality, where the Kamla Persad-Bissessar good times were bad, and the Rowley bad times are somehow good.

The reality is that by the end of 2020, the PNM took us back 15 years, approaching the 2005 level of GDP and standard of living. That’s how much we have lost under Keith Rowley’s disastrous leadership of Trinidad and Tobago.

In 2021 the economy surely has regressed further, perhaps going back to 2003 levels, losing almost 20 years of capacity built by previous governments. Under the Rowley PNM, this country is going backward, instead of making progress.

The last time we were in this position was in the 1980s, again with PNM mismanagement. It took us 20 years to recover. 

We must stop Keith Rowley from setting Trinidad and Tobago back another 20 years.

The first step is to fight back against ridiculous PNM lies with the truth.

Vol. 1, Issue 2