Rowley MUST give SINOPHARM cost!

Why is the cost of Sinopharm vaccines from China a national secret? Other countries that bought similar vaccines have properly accounted to their citizens. But Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley said that Trinidad and Tobago’s purchase is protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement. 

Only an authoritarian government would refuse to inform its citizens how much they are paying for a product or service. 

Dr. Rowley must also tell the nation what other secret deals his government has entered into with China and other countries and agencies. 

He must say whether an investor has already been identified for the port of Port of Spain. 

He must explain whether the procurement legislation was watered down because of such sinister transactions. 

While the Caribbean is increasingly at the centre of a diplomatic conflict, Rowley has a responsibility to ensure that Trinidad and Tobago is not compromised and undermined by competing large countries. 

Until the Prime Minister provides the facts, he stands accused of autocracy and the of running a covert administration. 

Vol. 1, Issue 2