The decision of BHP Group to sell its Trinidad and Tobago assets of oil and gas is a further indication of the shifting sands in the energy sector. 

Yet the Rowley Government is not responding to the fast-changing environment, in which major explorers are moving out of the fossil-fuels sector because of global warning. 

The BHP Group transaction has once more caught the Rowley administration flat-footed, even though there is abundant global evidence that mining companies are moving away from these sectors. 

BHP has gone into the potash business, which feeds the fertiliser industry. 

For his part, Rowley still operates a one-horse pony while there are decreasing declines for traditional oil and gas products, partly because of their deadly carbon emissions.    

Local yields are at their lowest in decades, and a lack of supply of gas feedstock has already crippled Point Lisas and Atlantic LNG. 

But still Rowley fiddles while Rome burns. 

Vol. 1, Issue 2