Can’t Afford to Live: Can’t Afford to Die!

Life is about the beauty everywhere, as long as you look for it you will find it despite some challenges encountered.  But since March 2020, many families faced the devastating outlook of the government’s poor decision making in dealing with the pandemic.

Many families are desperately trying to adjust to make ends meet in order to survive what most perceive to be a gloomy future. Many persons suddenly slapped with jobs lost, paying more for basic food items, a failing health care system and sadly the death of loved ones. The trauma continues in the pandemic where many lives have been torn apart, leaving people scampering to make unforeseen decisions that have dampen their spirits.

One of the major issues faced during this pandemic is dealing with the untimely death of loved ones and the final rites given to them. It is something we do not look forward to.

Unfortunately this government has stopped the open pyre cremation, which has placed a serious dent in the pockets of many. This issue has not stood silent in the voice of MP for Chaguanas West Dinesh Rambally where he called on the Minister of Heath and CMO to immediately pull the ban on the open pyre cremation which was not justified. MP Rambally went on to say that the prohibition was culturally and religiously insensitive. 

When The Checklist. asked about the sentiments shared by the Hindu community, he went on to say that, ‘we dutifully accept and recognize that restrictive measures may be necessary to curb the spread of the virus.’ He thanked all religious cohorts for the sacrifices made to protect the health of citizens.

MP Rambally stressed that any measure which interferes with religious belief and entrenched cultural norms must be properly justified and supported with compelling scientific data.

In a letter to the CMO, MP Dinesh Rambally pleaded by stating how difficult it was for financially challenged families who are depending on the goodwill to survive, find the money to conduct the final rites of multiple family members who succumbed to Covid-19.  Questions on whether the government plans to assist with the cost of such expense have still not been answered.

Barely hanging on to what is left of survival, due to the government’s poor decision-making, we remain uncertain as to how we say goodbye to our loved ones. This is because these decisions remain in the hands of these incompetent individuals.

MP Dinesh Rambally promised that after this fight is over, we as a people will rise again like the phoenix from the ashes.


– Kamla Phagoo

Vol. 1, Issue 3