FOREX Crisis: Sending Up Food Costs !

THE foreign exchange crisis is worsening, and the Government has shown no interest in resolving it. 

Any sensible administration would have ensured equity in the distribution of scarce forex, by limiting disbursements for luxury goods, and providing adequate sums for food and pharmaceuticals. 

Instead of providing a solution, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley recently turned on his “wajang” behaviour against a pre-owned auto car importer who was clamouring for a level playing field. 

Large importers of non-necessities, including extravagant vehicles and champagne, are being allowed large forex allowances from commercial banks, including the Exim Bank. 

Some who bring in vital items are being made to patronise the black market, where foreign exchange is being marketed at up to 30 percent higher than the official trading rate. 

The small man, including many who have lost their jobs, pay the price at the retail counter for groceries and other essentials. 

Rowley and company simply do not care.