Rowley’s Support of Al-Rawi: What Does it Tell Us?

PRIME Minister Dr. Keith Rowley’s endorsement of his failed Attorney General Faris Al Rawi tells us where he stands on managing the affairs of Trinidad and Tobago. 

Al Rawi, the most criticised AG in recent history, is getting the full backing of the Prime Minister despite stirring calls from various respected institutions and upstanding citizens for his removal. 

Rowley is placing blind support for tarnished office holders ahead of good governance, and then he is seeking to justify his outrageous decisions through manifest propaganda. 

He has made it plain that he does not care for accountable, transparent, responsive, and equitable government, nor does he respect the rule of law, the views of civil society, and the vital importance of proper decision-making on the people’s behalf. 

That is Rowley-style national leadership!