A Councillor’s Story: “Relishing the Opportunity to Serve”

This morning I awoke with my heart engulfed in the rays of the rising sun. I made my way to my office, thinking, what else can I do? How else can I improve life for others in my country? How can I make 2022 a chapter of vast achievements? How can I share my light with others and inspire them to shine in this pandemic of death and darkness?

This is a special time of the year to reflect and perceive how we can chart a plan of action with purpose. Last year my completed projects bore humbling fruition and I know I must continue to let these rays reach all the crevices of my country. I will not stop until I succeed.

This new year of 2022 will be a testimony of imperative improvements for the people of my district. Unearthing the desires of my district and probing for problems to solve has always been my resolution. I wish to know what is needed so I can please – and it is this approach which has brought deep insight thus far into sculpting solutions.

The many projects and activities, which I executed within my electoral district, fills me with deep pride and the smiles of my people makes my service all worthwhile. The roads are getting smoother. The Oropune Boulevard and some of the other secondary roads improved with a lot of roadwork. When the hot bituminous mix resurfaced the roads, the process was a grave reminder to me. A smooth path is necessary for a better life for all. That square area of approximately 1390 meters of spot patching will improve so many lives.

Road Rehabilitation Work on Oropune Boulevard.

The construction of a box drain along Harris St. Ext Caroni, which had a dimension of 53m, will greatly alleviate the flooding in that area. The paving in Macoya Ext. in sections and the strengthening and resurfacing of the roadway measured 140m × 4.2m × 0.05m – this measurement will extend further this year. I tell my burgesses, let me know where the gaping hole is, so I can fill it. Relief can be closer than you could ever imagine.

Newly constructed Box Brain along Harris Street, Ext., Caroni.

The various hamper distributions were a necessary element of assistance. In this time of looming pandemic, death, unemployment and great loss – many people are unable to survive. Many are lacking in more than just the basic human needs. This is just a reminder to keep the rays of the rising sun close to your heart and share the light. I remind myself of my mission every day, my life resolution. I will never forget my objective. I am here to satisfy and soothe. I am here to serve and solve. I am your Councillor, your supporter, your friend in service. I am Richard Rampersad and I wish you all another year of shining, rising light engulfing your heart and our country

Christmas Hamper Drive, supported by the Member of Parliament for the Constituency Ms. Khadijah Ameen.

– Councillor Richard Rampersad