Christmas Disaster for family: MP Bodoe Organising Assistance

When most families were busy shopping and preparing for Christmas, the Choon Family faced a disaster that took everything away from them.

On the 23rd of December, 2021, Parandaye (Mala) Choon, a resident of Ackbar Trace, Avocat Village, Fyzabad suffered tremendous loss of their home. a Fire which started on the second storey of their home quickly engulfed the entire home.

The fire started just after midday while Mala Choon was busy pressure washing her yard. Mala’s grandson Brian Choon was upstairs the 2-story home doing online classes. On hearing screams from the Choon residence, county workers rushed to their aid.

The workers rescued her 17-month old grandchild from the burning house but Mala wasn’t able to secure any of her valuables.

The fire left 10 people including 5 children homeless. “I asking for a lil assistance and a lil help for what I could get to build over an apartment for my family,” she said.

Member of Parliament for Fyzabad Dr Lackram Bodoe immediately assisted the family to provide relief through collaborations with businesses, NGO’s and helpful citizens that sought to assist the family in their difficult time. Dr. Bodoe delivered food support and other essential items on Christmas eve to the family.

“The need remains great for food, clothing and other support, especially with a view to reconstructing shelter for this family early in the New Year,” said Dr. Bodoe via social media, soliciting help. “Thanks to the many who have already assisted.”

Dr. Bodoe further went on to pilot the efforts to ensure that the family received home repair grants and devices for the children from the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services and other beneficial items that would assist in the reconstruction of their home.

Currently the Choon family is making efforts to rebuild their home through the valuable donations made by Dr. Bodoe and fellow Good Samaritans.

The family can be reached at 388-7824 and 318—0476.