Helping my Fellow Citizens in Moruga

Moruga has a plethora of issues that need urgent and continuous attention. As Councillor for this district, I strive to bring representation to all my electors. Some issues that have been on the forefront are education and internet connectivity, poverty and unemployment and health and wellness.


Families within the Moruga district have been struggling even more as a result of the current Covid-19 Pandemic and have caused families to be unable to provide basic food items to sustain themselves. To assist in this regard, one hundred (100) hampers were distributed to one hundred (100) families, in collaboration with stakeholders within the Moruga Electoral District. Although this is a small representation of what is actually needed to eradicate poverty, it serves purpose in giving families hope that their needs are well represented by the office in which I hold.


Education and internet connectivity poses some difficulties for underprivileged families to have proper access to online learning for their children. In keeping with my motto for youth advancement, twenty (20) tripods were distributed to both primary and secondary school students, one (1) Fire 7 Amazon tablet for a primary school student that was unable to access online learning, and two thousand dollars ($2, 000.00) worth of internet vouchers for parents without internet connectivity from corporate sponsor Air Link Communications.

This allowed vulnerable families to have proper access to the online learning platform, something that some families are still struggling with in the Moruga Electoral District.


Health issues is something that electors are also struggling with, especially access to services and equipment to aid in their treatment. To bring some form of comfort for a few in my electoral district, a portable toilet to an elderly couple that suffered a stroke was distributed. This couple faced numerous challenges with mobility since their both strokes and access to proper toilet facilities was a major problem. Thus this gesture made it a little easier to access the washroom facility.

A white cane was also given to a blind single mother of two aiding to assist with her individual mobility. In both instances, this was done to commemorate International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 03rd, 2021. Highlighting that persons with disabilities are not a burden but rather persons that are in need of compassion from others.

As Councillor for the Moruga Electoral District I’m steadfast in the belief that forward thinking equals forward movement, and by doing so I would continue to take representation to another level by working assiduously to fulfil the needs of my electors.

Councillor Joseph Lorant, Moruga Electoral District