“PNM Incompetence” Behind Higher Food Prices

The increased cost of food is largely the result of external factors, but there are mitigating measures a skilled government would have implemented.

Such an administration would have provided meaningful production incentives to farmers and agro-processors so as to slash the $6 billion annual food import bill.

A competent government would have ensured that food importers do not have to buy foreign exchange on the black market, since the higher rates are passed onto consumers.

A capable regime would have gotten National Flour Mills, which is majority-owned by taxpayers, to improve efficiencies in order to keep down production costs.

A proficient government would have encouraged the consumption of domestic and Caribbean food and other essentials.

Such an administration would have blocked monopolies, such as what currently exists in the pharmaceuticals and other sectors, since that inevitably leads to higher prices at the retail shelves.

But the PNM is manifestly incompetent, lacking enterprise and concern for the affected common man.