PNM Suffers The Poor!

What kind of political administration would cut back on social welfare measures at a time of national economic crisis?

Apart from the withholding food hampers, the PNM Government is also scrimping on a number of financial and other forms of assistance to the vulnerable while jobs are being lost and businesses closed.

This is taking place even though the government has received loans and grants from international lending and donor agencies to buffer the economy during the Covid-19 emergency.

The unemployment rate is around 20 per cent, but the Government has refused to modernise the Central Statistical Office over fears that citizens would know the true state of the economy.

Thousands of citizens are struggling to pay bills and buy groceries, especially with soaring inflation, and the Government’s response is to reduce or remove aid to the most at-risk.

As for the assistance that is still available, this is being distributed in an arbitrary manner, with well-to-do PNM operatives receiving hampers and cheques, while poor families go to bed hungry.

This is the expression of a rare form of heartlessness, practised by an uncaring PNM.