(Pothole Nation)

The Rowley Government has received two loans valued at a total of around TT $3 billion for road repairs.

The loans were issued in 2019 and 2021 by the Development Bank of Latin America, commonly called CAF.

In addition, there have been other allocations for infrastructure improvements.

And yet, look at the pathetic state of the country’s roads and bridges.

The woeful condition of the national infrastructure is having a dire impact on motorists, sending up taxi fares and the cost of food deliveries and leading to regular auto repairs.

In some cases, landslides have brought down people’s homes.

Under PNM rule, Trinidad and Tobago has become a pothole nation, with the most horrible roadways in the Caribbean.

The incompetent PNM regime has not accounted for these funds, nor its spending associated with the Public Sector Improvement Programme, through which infrastructure works are funded.

This is another graphic case of PNM ineptitude, insensitivity and lack of accountability.