EDITORIAL: The Keith Rowley Government Has Imploded

The Keith Rowley Government has imploded under the weight of its own corruption, greed, malice and incompetence.

The Opposition has done an excellent job of exposing the Government at every turn, applying pressure, and making sure the Government does not get away with its malfeasance and malpractice.

The Rowley Government has moved from a state of pre-collapse, after the PNM’s 14-1 walloping in the THA elections on 6 December 2021, to full Central Government implosion in 2022.

Over the past six weeks, these major crises have beseiged the Rowley Government:

  • The dramatic collapse of the Mosquito Creek section of the Solomon Hochoy Highway Extension to Point Fortin on 23 January
  • The Government’s disastrous mismanagement of the nationwide blackout on 16 February, symbolised by a picture of what appears to be Minister Colm Imbert purchasing a generator (which he has not denied), while the country was left with no response from Government
  • The Covid-19 Report, revealing tremendous government failures and mismanagement in handling the covid pandemic was laid in Parliament on 18 February
  • The tragic, perhaps even criminal, death of the four LCMS divers at Berth 5 and 6 of Paria Fuel Trading Company, Limited, and Paria’s absolutely unsatisfactory handling of the entire matter from 25 February when the initial accident occurred
  • The admission by Keith Rowley on 14 March that he was the “high-ranking official” that caused the former Chair of Police Service Commission to illegally withdraw the Order of Merit List, leading to the collapse of the Police Service Commission and the absence of a Commissioner of Police
  • The firing of Faris al-Rawi as Attorney-General, the departure of Clarence Rambharat from Government altogether, and a major Cabinet reshuffle on 16 March

Everything is falling apart under this Keith Rowley Government, one after the other, like a collapsing house of cards.

Trinidad and Tobago cannot continue under his corrupt, dictatorial, incompetent misrule.

The country doesn’t need a mere reshuffle. We need new elections now!

The UNC is ready to take over and restore good governance to Trinidad and Tobago, serving all, equally and fairly.