Failed! Rowley’s 37 Government-appointed Committees

Kamla Persad-Bissessar and the UNC successfully forced Prime Minister Keith Rowley to call a Commission of Enquiry to probe the tragic deaths of the 4 LCMS divers at Berths 5 and 6 of Paria Fuel Trading Company.

In making her case, the Hon. Mrs. Persad-Bissessar read out a list of Keith Rowley’s 37 failed Government committees which he had formed previously. The Opposition Leader did not want this investigation to result in another failure or cover-up.

Each of these committees were formed to respond to urgent national crises. Yet what has become of them?

The UNC will continue to apply pressure on the Governmnet to ensure that these crises are solved.

The full list if provided for readers below:

1.29th October, 2015   January 10, 2018Cabinet has decided to establish an Economic Development Advisory board which shall report to the Prime Minister.   Dissatisfied’ Farrell quits Economic Advisory Board 
2.Wed Jan 20 2016(Early Childhood Education Review Committee) PM on $$ spent for education: Too many students still falling through cracks
3.Jun 29, 2016(Sandals Project Committee) PM: The possibilities are endlessSandals building 2 hotels in Tobago 
4.March 13, 2017PM appoints committee to investigate Petrotrin operations
5.July 12, 2017Cabinet-appointed committee to oversee Hunting in T&T 
6.Sept 15, 2017PM receives report on ferry probe 
7.Sept 22, 2017‘Inappropriate’ video subject of Education Ministry probe 
8.October 17, 2017PM receives police manpower audit report
9.Nov 3, 2017Ministry to probe health and safety issues at St Joseph Secondary 
10.April 5, 2018PM: Report on OAS, Dominica issue sent for review
11.August 3, 2018Committee established to address street dwelling 
12.Wed Oct 30 2019Probing body claims cover up in Smith case
13.Monday June 3, 2019,Technical committees appointed for the National Social Mitigation Plan 
14.WED 7 AUGUST 2019Committee established to evaluate refinery bids
15.Sept 18, 2019 Energy Efficiency Committee submits report to Minister Le Hunte 
16.Sat Sep 28 2019T&TEC committee to probe Tobago blackout 
17.Sat Apr 18 2020Ministry to probe employers who don’t sign social relief forms 
18.THURS 2 JULY 2020Rowley forms committee to probe depressed communities after protests 
19.November 6, 2020West: Committee will guide Govt on port privatisation 
21.25 February, 2021SEA & Concordat Review Committee Established 
22.Fri Apr 09 2021     Mar 5, 2022Ministry launches probe into NiQuan blast      Ministry probe still up in the air11 months after NiQuan GTL explosion… 
23.March 5, 2021Cabinet sub-committee’s report on WASA to go before JSC 
24.July 23, 2021Ministry, cops probe claims of elder abuse at home for the aged 
25.Thu Jul 08 2021Independent team appointed to investigate child abuse at children’s homes 
26.MONDAY 8 NOVEMBER 2021Cabinet-appointed committee to discuss credit-union sector’s future 
27.November 24, 2021PM Rowley Distributes Instruments Of Appointment To Cabinet-Appointed SEA Committee 
28.WED 1 DEC 2021National Security Minister announces another probe into FUL issuances 
29.Jan 7, 2022Food cards abuse under probe 
31.Mon Jan 31 2022EMA launches probe into partial collapse of South Trunk Road 
32.Tue Feb 08 2022Hinds: Probe started into death of Venezuelan baby 
33.Feb 9, 2022Cox: Bogus rent claims under probe 
34.Fri Feb 11 2022     SUNDAY 30 JAN 2022 Two separate probes into Mosquito Creek collapse     Engineers to NIDCO: Share findings of Mosquito Creek probe with us
35.Fri Feb 18 2022Independent expert committee to probe cause of and national response to island-wide power outage 
36.MONDAY 28 FEBRUARY 2022Young: Committee to probe Paria divers tragedy 
37.March 4 2022Cabinet sub-committee to review state of TSTT 

This is a list which clearly reveals the disaster that has been the Keith Rowley Government.

When the UNC returns to office, good governance for the benefit of all the people, will return.