GOVERNMENT BLACKOUT During Electricity Shutdown… 

The Government’s response to the recent day-long electricity blackout is another graphic example of its pathetic national leadership. 

No one in the administration faced the country, via the national media, and properly accounted to the population, even though the blackout had a potential for disastrous consequences. 

In modern democracies, the head of the country responds to citizens’ anxieties, provides plausible explanations, and issues assurances. 

Instead, the Rowley regime placed the matter into cold storage by announcing the appointment of a three-member committee, which would report in its own sweet time. 

The electrical shutdown could have had widespread and horrific outcomes, and, therefore, created great fears by ordinary citizens and business people alike about a crime spree, similar to what took place during the dark hours of the 1990 attempted insurrection. 

During such periods of national trepidation, the Prime Minister has a direct and crucial responsibility to face the society, and provide guarantees on law and order and of a return to a stable electricity service. 

But, as he does during other times of public distress, Dr. Keith Rowley was missing in action, sidestepping the job he is sworn to undertake. 

Leadership, PNM style!