Hinds: Crime Blame-Game

National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds is once more guilty of duplicity in claiming that land disputes are at the root of many murders. 

This is the latest hollow and devious PNM manner of avoiding responsibility for the national scourge of homicides. 

More than six years after the PNM promised an “all-of-government” approach to crime-fighting, the murder rate is rising exponentially, and the Rowley regime has no remedy for this raging epidemic. 

All districts in Trinidad and Tobago have now seen heinous crimes, and victims range from babies to grannies, with the blood-letting becoming more and more ghastly. 

Equally bad is the poor detection rate of the Police Service, which means that only a few accused are brought to justice. 

The hapless PNM Government has run out of excuses and people and institutions to blame for this surging national plague. 

So now, Hinds, the most incompetent National Security Minister in national history, is attempting to play cheeky in putting the fault on landowners, with obvious ethnic connotations. 

The raw truth is that Hinds and the PNM have grossly failed to stem the curse of crime, in the same manner as the Rowley administration has collapsed on all other areas of governance. 

Hinds’ vacuous blame game is another poor defence for the PNM’s manifest ineptitude.