OPPOSITION LEADER: Rowley’s Admission must lead to Criminal Charges

Keith Rowley’s public humiliation of Faris Al Rawi is clearly an attempt to change the narrative from his admission of guilt to misbehaviour in public office in his disastrous interview with a daily newspaper.

Rowley’s admission of misbehaviour in public office regarding the former Police Service Commission (PolSC), combined with the former Commissioner of Police’s claim that Rowley directed him to persecute Opposition members using $35 million taxpayer dollars, must lead to criminal charges.

Rowley is in panic mode. His appointment of Reginald Armour as Attorney General is a self-serving attempt to address criminal legal issues that he may now face going forward.

The effective firings of Faris Al Rawi and Clarence Rambharat, coupled with the reshuffle of other Cabinet members shows a government in total chaos.

The reshuffle clearly was not in response to dissatisfactions voiced by citizens. Rowley must tell the country why Fitzgerald Hinds, Terrence Deyalsingh, Stephen McClashie, Symon De Nobriga and Nyan Gadsby-Dolly still hold their positions despite being totally incompetent at their jobs.

The country is being rapidly destroyed due to the vicious infighting within the Rowley government. There are factions within the government whose sole purpose is to destroy each other. Concurrently, crime is out of control, cost of living is skyrocketing, unemployment is increasing, education and health is in shambles, an IMF bailout is imminent and independent institutions are being wrecked.

The Prime Minister has no control over his own government members, and at times seems to have no control over himself.

The Rowley government is in mayhem, Trinidad and Tobago must be saved from a descent into anarchy. Rowley must accept that he is in an untenable position to continue as Prime Minister due to his public admission to the criminal offence of misbehaviour in public office. He must be patriotic, step down and call general elections now.

Kamla Persad-Bissessar, SC, MP
Leader of the Opposition
17th March 2022