Whistleblower Legislation: A Sham

DON’T let the PNM Government tell you it is committed to whistleblower legislation. 

The Bill the Government recently introduced in Parliament is sham legislation that would do nothing in bringing to light financial and other crimes. 

The Whistleblower Bill is convoluted and weak and seeks to integrate public and private sector wrongdoing, which is virtually unheard-of. 

The legislation does not meet best practices as exist in functioning democracies. 

It gives the responsibility to bosses in the public and private sectors to establish respective units and appoint whistleblowing officials, who, in turn, are expected to provide the low-down on their corrupt employers. 

All aspects of the legislation are poorly crafted, and it is obvious that the PNM administration has intentionally introduced such a lame and futile Bill because it is not committed to whistleblowing. 

The PNM’s approach is similar to its lack of interest in meaningful procurement legislation. 

This all means that the Rowley regime has much to hide, and is introducing the relevant laws only to boast about fulfilling election manifesto promises.