Brace for Food Shortages, Higher Prices

THE Rowley Government must be the only administration in the world that is not preparing for upcoming food shortages and higher prices.

Competent governments have been boosting food production, incentivising farmers, reviewing trade barriers, and signing relevant mutual assistance agreements with other countries.

The PNM Government’s response is to idly boast of removing Value Added Tax on some items years ago and other nominal and futile measures.

The absence of useful and timely official steps could see consumers in Trinidad and Tobago paying much more for imported food staples and facing crippling shortages of essential items.

The situation would be worsened by some food importers being forced to patronise the black market for foreign exchange as a result of the Government’s arbitrary and inequitable currency distribution.

The greater forex costs are passed onto consumers.

Global experts have warned that reduced production and hoarding caused by the Russia-Ukraine war and ongoing supply chain issues are hampering availability and distribution and that the situation would deteriorate in upcoming months.

Diligent and capable governments have implemented valuable measures, including Buy Local campaigns, to soften the blow on their nationals.

Not so with the inept and bungling Rowley regime, which is leaving T&T nationals, especially the vulnerable, to face the full impact of the looming food crisis.

This is taking place amid high unemployment and already steep inflation caused by the fuel price hike and other factors.

There is simply no limit to the PNM’s incompetence and uselessness.