Chaguanas East: Updates from MP Vandana Mohit

The Chaguanas East Member of Parliament, The Honourable Vandana Mohit kicked of the year running with a host of activities that had the constituency filled with energy. It was an amazing start to an amazing year as MP Vandana and her team embarked on a weeklong Street Lighting Project where they visited every street in the constituency in search of broken streetlights and streets in need of proper lighting and reported it to the relevant authorities.

The Street Lighting Project was followed by a tour of the Major Rivers and Water Courses in need of desilting and dredging.

This project was done in collaboration with the Ministry of Works and Transport Drainage Division and was quite a success as the constituents were quite happy to have a relief from potential flooding in the rainy season.

A Community Outreach Project was embarked upon which saw the Chaguanas East MP and her team heading out on the streets for several days to meet and greet constituents and to listen to their recommendations on improving their communities.

Valentine’s Day which was on February 14th is usually an unforgettable day in the Constituency of Chaguanas East as Homegirl Vandana has a special love in her heart for the less fortunate residents of her constituency. Every year the MP and her team packages and distributes several gift bags to the disabled children on Valentine’s Day, bringing a smile to the faces of them and their loved ones. It’s a day filled with love and joy and one that is always looked forward to.

International Women’s Day 2022 along with Women’s History Month was celebrated in March with the MP and her team executing a series of activities, built around the empowerment of women. A celebration of the women of Chaguanas East was held at the MPs office on March followed by the International Women’s Day ceremony at Jimroy Wyse Park, which culminated the installation of the Women of Substance Purple Bench Project’s signage on the benches throughout the constituency.

The successful women of Chaguanas East were also highlighted on a daily basis on the MP’s Social Media pages with one successful female being posted each day throughout the month.

MP Vandana Mohit in collaboration with His Worship Chaguanas Mayor Faaiq Mohammed stood in solidarity with the residents of Chaguanas in their stand against the Government for delaying the construction of 2 (two) overpasses which are desperately needed to alleviate the traffic in Chaguanas.

The protest action continued into Penal/Debe in front of the Penal Market, where the UNC Women’s Arm demanded that the Government address the increasing prices of goods at the supermarket and the safety of our women. This was followed by a protest for justice for the divers who lost their lives in the Paria debacle and the status of crime in the country, held at Endeavour Chaguanas which saw scores of residents attending.

– Ricky Bhowram