Ignoring the GUYANA Giant!

WHAT type of Government would decline to create synergies with a next-door neighbour that is the world’s fastest-growing economy? 

Even with the World Bank’s revelation that Guyana’s economy is growing by 34 percent in the current fiscal year, the Rowley administration remains aloof and distant from the Ali Government. 

There are tremendous opportunities for collaboration in the roaring energy sector, and also in agriculture, and a variety of pertinent areas that are thriving in Guyana. 

Other Caricom countries have created meaningful working relationships with Georgetown for the mutual benefit of their respective citizens. 

But, for unexplained reasons, the Rowley Government has remained detached from an economy that is attracting global attention and benefiting the region and international global firms

While Guyana’s Gross Domestic Product is booming, the Trinidad and Tobago economy continues to falter under PNM rule and is struggling to get in the plus column. 

Still, Rowley would not pool together with the Guyana giant.