Local Government “Reform” to Impose PROPERTY TAX

DON’T be fooled by the PNM Government’s upcoming so-called Local Government reform. 

The supposed restructuring would not remove the current entrenched bias against UNC-controlled regional corporations. 

The forthcoming legislation would not force the Central Government to be fair and equitable in the allocation of funds. 

The “reform” is basically aimed at creating the legislative pathway for the imposition of Property Tax on an already suffering nation. 

The Government is determined to inflict this hardship on a struggling country in its attempt to balance deficit budgets. 

This is in keeping with the PNM’s well-known tactic of taxing the population in the absence of any attempts at diversification of the economy. 

Incompetent Finance Minister Colm Imbert has been complaining about his repeated deficit budgets. 

The assumed Local Government reform would not meet international best practice. 

There would, therefore, be no change to the PNM’s discriminatory practice of starving rural and UNC-held corporations from a reasonable share of resources. 

Once again, the PNM Government is working against the people’s interests.