MP Rodney Charles: Building Naparima, “Community by Community”Together!

MP Rodney Charles has often lamented that the Constituency of Naparima is treated like the ‘outside child’ of this current wicked, incompetent Government. Naparima is plagued by poor roads and infrastructure, flooding, water woes, criminal activities, and landslips.

To address these issues faced by his constituents, MP Charles along with the UNC Naparima Constituency Executive re-started community outreach meetings throughout the constituency such as Harmony Hall in the North and Kanhai Road Barrackpore in the South. These outreach meetings were done adhering to all Covid-19 safety protocols.

These various meetings served to engage the constituents, listening to their concerns and advocating for solutions from the relevant bodies. The meetings also serve as a Coordinating Meeting between various entities such as the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, Municipal Police Service of Trinidad and Tobago, WASA, T&TEC and the Local Government Authorities, all coming together to develop Naparima Together.

Community Outreach meetings continue, as we build Naparima- Community by Community-Together.

– Inool Nabbie