Road and Drainage Transformation: St. Augustine South/Piarco/St. Helena

The nation’s roadway is certainly essential to the nation’s overall economic and social vitality. It is how workers, students, farmers, produce, goods, services, families, friends connect with each other, produce, explore, and experience the quality of their lives.

Newly Paved -Sheldon Trace, Piarco.

Therefore, it is important to improve and maintain the sustainability of these roadways. That being said, Councillor Richard Rampersad, St. Augustine South/Piarco/St. Helena administered the sectional paving of Sheldon Trace in Piarco, after twenty odd years. The dimensions covered were 409 feet in length and 12 feet in width.

Paving along the Macoya Extension has also been completed in its first phase. The strengthening and resurfacing of the roadway measured approximately140m × 4.2m × 0.05m. This access route has become very busy since it facilitates commuters wanting to traverse in a southern direction off the Churchill Roosevelt Highway. It is also highly utilized by many farmers of this community.

Macoya Extension finally gets a new road.

According to Councillor Rampersad,

“the many projects and activities, which I executed within my electoral district, fills me with deep pride and the smiles of my people makes my service all worthwhile. The roads are getting smoother. The Oropune Boulevard and some of its tributary roads improved significantly with the patchwork. When the hot bituminous mix resurfaced the roads, the process was a grave reminder to me that a smooth path is necessary for a better life for all. That square area of approximately 1390 meters of spot patching will improve the driving experience of many.”

Member of Parliament for St. Augustine along with Councillor Richard Rampersad on site at the Oropune Boulevard.

Harris Street Extension, Caroni saw the construction of a concrete box drain measuring approximately 53 meters in length. This has alleviated prior problematic drainage issues which caused the area to be seriously water-logged.

Concrete Box Drain along Harris Street Ext. Caroni.

Councillor Rampersad is writing new chapters of infrastructural improvement. His diligence, drive and desire contributes towards the improvement of the everyday living realities of his burgesses. He states “this year will be a testimony of imperative improvements for the people of my Electoral District. Unearthing the desires of my region and probing problems to solve has always been my resolution. I wish to know what is needed so I can please – and it is this approach which has brought deep insight thus far into sculpting solutions”.

Sectional Paving of the Oropune Boulevard.